Decorating Your Bedroom like Spas and Hotels

Spa and hotel rooms accomplish lots even with the minimal space they have, including complete bedroom furniture, dressing area and seating inside single and rectangular room, almost always. You can simply copy that romantic, restful mood that if usually engendered by the luxury spas and hotels into the bedroom of your apartments houston just by unifying available space with the help of minimal color palette, limited accessories, and polished, gleaming surfaces. The bedroom can be made comfortable if you surround yourself with some soft and lush linens, upholstered surfaces and comforters.

You can make the space look relaxing to the eye through dark and neutral color theme which features white accents and jewel tones. Ignore that famous color rule of 60:30:10 that is known for guaranteeing can’t-miss ratio when it comes to the main, complementary and the accent colors. Instead, you should use 80:20 ratio to have soothing and uncomplicated spa and hotel like scheme.

Ceiling should be painted in same color just like your bedroom’s walls for making your apartment feel more enclosed and intimate. Use semi-gloss paint for reflecting light and conveying luxury.

When it comes to the bedding of your bedrooms in rentals in Houston, you should better invest in brocade fabrics that go on comforter. As for the sheets go for cotton with 400-thread count or just select silk. The bed should be made extra comfortable and you can easily be able to do this by adding the pillow-top mattress.

The bed’s head should be covered with some pillows, shams and European pillows. Finished look should be created by hiding the box springs using bed skirt.

Curtains should be hung on ceiling-mounted curtain rods, doubling up at the rods for allowing for two curtains’ layers, like set featuring floor-length, heavy blackout drapes along with layer of the sheers underneath.

When you have to decide on bedroom furniture for apartments, you should better invest in the upholstered, tufted and tall headboard as well as footboard and it should be attached to the frame of the bed. Dark colored antique trunk, dark-wood bench or vintage suitcases should be placed at your bed’s foot. The bed should also be flanked with dark wood, matching end tables as well.

Making a seating space with the help of occasional chair and table or chaise alongside the bed is also a good idea. You should better buy pieces that incorporate same dark-colored wood that you have already used in different parts of your bedroom and make sure to favor upholstered, comfortable pieces. The television should be set atop your sideboard-style dark wood dresser.

As for the apartment bedroom lighting, several layers should be installed, like lavish overhead chandeliers, matching lamps atop your matching wall scones and end tables so that the bedroom can be rounded out. Dimmer switches must be installed for controlling lights to create desired mood.