How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Look Like Movie Theatre?

Watching movies often feels like you’ve spend 90 minutes or so in some other world. When the same movies are watched on big screen, the entire experience is turned into a complete fantasy. If you always love spending time, your bedroom in a theme of a movie theatre would be something you’d love to spend time while being in bed. Outfitting your room in style of theatre can be a source of creating that fantasy that can easily be dreamed about by some movie buff. So, what you should do for making your apartment bedroom design look that way.

Walls are often like blank canvas where you can recreate your favorite vibe of movie theatre in different ways. Choose some neutral color to go on walls, or some dark shade in case if you don’t want to notice the walls. Add some scones in theatre style which emit enough amount of ambient light allowing you to know where your walls are. The walls of your apartments in Houston should be decorated by framing some movie posters and placing them on the walls. Alternately, you can select retro look by choosing your desired theme, like Japanese movies, comedies or B movies featuring some films that you have always loved.

For getting a realistic effect of a theatre, double carpet your floors just like you find in concession areas and lobbies of theatres. Red-carpet runner can be added along the path to your bed in order to make your room look like red-carpet premiere. Small-sized stick-on puck lights should be added near floor as well as on sides of furnishings or walls, making the look of lights that are there along the aisle seats of a theatre.

Set rows of vintage style seats in movie theatre along your room’s wall, back wall perhaps if you have dedicated opposite wall for movie viewing and placed your flat screen there. Contemporary home-theatre seating should be used if you love to have comfort in this wonderful ambiance inside your bedroom of apartments Houston. Place an LED tea-light or some light that is operated through battery inside white popcorn tub for providing themed lighting to create the desired ambiance on top of a desk or a table. Cup holder can be added to a side of your nightstand or some other furniture piece close by where you can be able to watch movies as functional homage for drink placement

Some older film projector can be placed on the table to point at the screen or TV on opposite wall, giving a view that it’s still being used. Pull-down screen can be attached to ceiling for creating the viewing environment in case if there is a functioning projector, vintage or modern.

So, you have finally accomplished the desired look and are all set to enjoy your movie theatre bedroom.